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About the Festival

The "Bieszczady Pod Żaglem" ("Bieszczady Mountains under Sails") Festival is a two-day event with a contest of shanties, marine, road and trip songs. This is the open contest both for amateurs and for those who already have artistic experience.

The first festival was held on 15 and 16 August 2014 in the town of Polańczyk, a health-resort on the Solina Lagoon. The event was initiated by Fundacja Niewidomych Żeglarzy "Ślepa Kura" which, with support of and cooperation with local authorities, organized the festival on annual basis.

Beginning of the festival - the old stage

At present, on the coast of the lagoon, there is a beautiful amphitheatre with full technical background. Its audience capacity is 2000. Thanks to such an infrastructure, artistic events of the highest quality can be organized.
Photo of the band shell in Polańczyk

Thanks to a newly constructed band shell, the second festival was much better and taken on its unique character. Nowadays, a festival schedule is as follows:
It lasts for two days - one of them is devoted to shanties and the other to road and trip songs.
We begin with a contest during which the contestants play and sing their songs on the stage.
Next, our foundation band plays its special programme. Then it's time for a test of our festival experience, i.e. the concert of the last year's winner.
And finally, the star!
In 2015, the road and trip song day was culminated by Paweł Orkisz
Występ Pawła Orkisza
and the shanties and marine song day by Zespół Szantowy Za Burtą.
Zespół Szantowy Za BURTĄ